Our Mantra

Our Mantra

We believe in healing the mind and the body through the ancient practice of yoga. At Live Yogis, Yoga is not exercise. It is a way of life. From the vedic times, yoga has been the balancing factor that has helped to keep the body active and the mind calm.

Live Yogis was set up with a belief that we need to create a healthy and peaceful society. It was launched by a group of young professionals, who experienced a deep connection with the inner self and profound transformation in personal and professional lives, through yoga and meditation. Live Yogi is an attempt to give back to society by spreading awareness and making yoga and meditation accessible to every individual.

Our Shakti

Our Shakti

Live Yogis focuses on the power of yoga to improve the lives of individuals, by providing highly effective online yoga and meditation classes, which can be accessed in the comfort of your own space. We use Yoga and Dhyana or meditation to also combat the issues of depression, stress and dietary fluctuations.

Live Yogis is the world’s first online yoga and meditation studio with personalised attention from an expert instructor who will guide you towards a happier and healthier way of life. Live Yogis has live streaming of HD videos through powerful bandwidth. Your instructor will keep a close eye on you guiding you at every step throughout the session.

Benefits of
Live Yogis

Live Web Training

We’ve created an avenue for you to connect with us live


You learn in the comfort of your home and at your own schedule.

Experienced Trainers

Each and every yogi is a certified yoga trainer and has gone through a rigorous selection process. They have been personally vetted by a very experienced panel of yoga experts.

Customized Session

We have standard sessions. You can receive further customized sessions to suit your personal preferences based on health conditions, schedule and 1:1 basis

Personal Attention

Our experienced trainers will give you the personal attention

Affordable Cost

Our aim is to make yoga accessible to all and hence, we have priced it at the fraction of the cost of personal consultation in a yoga studio.