5 Yoga ways to keep you motivated


Motivation is necessary in life. There can be several intrinsic and extrinsic factors in life to keep you motivated. Though we have evolved differently we all have one thing in common. FEAR!

Yes, our evolution have bought us this far but no technology can help us overcome our fear. And that is why fear and motivation are indirectly connected.

Human psychology is an everyday science. A constant learning in fact!

Understanding human psychology demands wider perspectives rather than belief in random judgment. Let’s not get too deep with this part as the only point to highlight here is motivation is a wider aspect of human psychology.

Without motivation no men can work! Without motivation no sportsmen can win Olympics and also without motivation life is just miserable.

At the beginning of this post we talked about FEAR. Fear can be of two types. Positive vs. Negative. The positive fear always keeps you lighted and makes you strong & capable. Negative fear makes you weak from inside diminishing your true personality. Between this, motivation plays its part and to make motivation work for you doing yoga is the best.

So, the point of discussion here is to look for some ways yoga helps in our motivation.

Removes Laziness:

Now since you’ve decided to overcome your limitations and made a resolution to wake up the next morning. The alarm bell rings and you habitually close it and sleep off again. So, body took over mind! Understand the difference how motivation will work for you. Same day sleep with a last thought, “Tomorrow is the best day to do yoga and I will do it”

You naturally think of doing yoga the very next morning with the first stroke of alarm you wake up. So, try to keep your mind focused on one thing at a time rather than building distractions around. Yoga being the best ingredient of motivation removes laziness out of mind and body.

Improves Memory:

Once motivated for yoga, it can prove beneficial to you in all terms. With constant practice and motivation it can help you improve memory. Yoga helps in sharpening of memory. Thus memory helps motivation and motivation helps memory. It’s just simple with an extra dose of yoga.

Builds Character:

When you do yoga, you are actually connecting to self; so what happens is, yoga helps in releasing the toxins out of the body and rejuvenates brain cells. All the negativity flows out enhancing motivation levels. So, it can be proved that yoga intrinsically helps in enhancing motivation and extrinsically enhances the physical structure of the body.

By having a proper harmony between mind and body and increased motivation levels you can build a strong character.

Raises Energy Levels:

Energy levels are powerful when motivation is highest. With yoga you not only work out on motivation but your energy levels are raised too. Simultaneously, you start feeling positive and powerful from inside and outside. No more you crave for material comfort. You begin to feel light and energetic as stress levels are at place and you start believing in power of giving.

# Helps You lead a better life:

Last in the line but important one! Who doesn’t want to lead a satisfied and happy life? Motivation helps in achieving great heights and embarks you on a different journey of life. You suddenly start feeling positive and look for new horizons. No challenge is big for you then!

Wrapping up,

To conclude, yoga and motivation are complementary to each other. Without motivation you find something missing and without yoga you are living with a low motivation. Life is a different journey and the circle is to be completed; your outcome only depends on how motivated you are!

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