Benefits Of Yoga In Fighting Diabetes


Diabetics affect growth patterns of the body in various ways, diabetics occur due to malfunctioning of the pancreas. Since a diabetic conditions is a result of a malfunctioning pancreas yoga asanas for diabetic are aimed towards helping the organ function optimally. There are two things that can help you keep your diabetic conditions under check, the first one being controlling one’s food intake and the other one is the regular practice of yoga asanas. There are several ways in which yoga helps in fighting diabetic conditions.

Benefits of yoga in fighting diabetes

  1. With the help of Therapeutic yoga individuals can reduces stress. Stress is one of the main reasons of diabetes thus reducing glucagon’s improving insulin action
  2. Yoga helps in improving blood supply to muscles causing increased glucose uptake and in turn reducing blood sugar. Improving diabetic conditions
  3. Blood pressure plays a major role in the development of diabetes and other such complications which can be reduced by yoga asanas
  4. Yoga asanas can also help in reducing increased cholesterol levels to a great extent which can result in diabetic conditions
  5. Regular practice of yoga has proven to reduce weight as well as control weight, which is extremely important to keep diabetes under check
  6. Diabetes can worsen due to hypertension; Yoga asanas are helpful in controlling hypertension which is a devil in diabetic conditions
  7. Stress is the major cause of diabetes. Where meditation can help in restoring confidence levels and gain the strength to fight health conditions

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