Cancer Survivors Can Now Resort To Yoga For A Better Sleep Cycle, Study Says


Along with facing social, emotional and physical challenges, one area in which cancer survivors face problems is getting back into a normal sleep routine. A study at the University of Rochester in New York proved that regular yoga can help solve this problem and improve their quality of life.

245 women who were treated with breast cancer with an average age of 54 complained about “sleep disturbance”. 123 of them were made to attend YOCAS, Yoga for Cancer Survivors, a specially designed course that included breathing exercises, meditation, and 18 Hatha postures. After four weeks of practicing these, ladies who had taken the course reported better sleep quality, less insomnia, and less fatigue.

“This low to moderate intensity yoga was found to be very beneficial for breast cancer survivors”, said Dr. Anita Peoples, from the University of Rochester. As yet, there is no other remedy that has been found to have such an effect on cancer survivors. Once the exact understanding of how the positive effects take place is known, it can actually be considered as part of a treatment plan.

Yoga will probably prove to be beneficial for people who have suffered from other kinds of cancer as well but that research still needs to be undertaken.

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