For those suffering from anxiety, yoga and meditation can be a lifeline?


Many individuals suffer from anxiety issues and often resort to therapy for the same. The strong rational being in us tend to take a back step and our anxiety issues tend to surface. Many individuals begin taking medication to treat depression and anxiety, but it is not an ideal solution.

  1. Calming the Mind – The mind is always in motion. It always has too much going on in it, and it is of prime importance to calm the mind to focus on anything.  There are certain benefits of meditation that helps in calming the mind.
  2. Fight your worries - yoga has been proven to work, and instead of just treating the symptoms like medicines do, it actually helps you learn to cope with your worries.
  3. Fighting anxiety issues - By practicing regularly, you lower your baseline level of emotional arousal so when something bad happens or you have a worried thought, you meet it with presence, curiosity, and patience rather than fearful reactivity.
  4. Soothing the brain - On a basic level, meditative practices can help calm an overactive brain. Anxiety is essentially worrying about the future, about bad things that haven’t happened yet and probably won’t.
  5. Fighting depression – Depression is an increasing trend especially among young adults. A good meditative practice for even 15 minutes can help an individual shun negative energy.
  6. Teaching to live in the moment - Meditation teaches people certain skills that can help Individuals stay in the moment, combating the tension of the future and the unknown.
  7. Recognize your thoughts - identifying your worried thoughts and why they’re happening is primary only then you can prevent them from getting worse. Meditation helps you in recognizing your thoughts.

With yoga and meditation you can not only calm yourself but recognize the difficulties notice the pattern of your worries face those fearful thoughts without getting so caught up in them. A regular practice will keep you firmly anchored in the present moment. If you are suffering from anxiety issues a dose of meditation and yoga is all you need. Asanas and breathwork have been calming jittery minds of stress for thousands of? years.

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