Getting stressed and jittery to meet deadlines? From health to mental to spiritual meditation coves it all


Meditation for a youth of this fast moving world might be a thing to be sidelined or even ignore to a certain extent because it is often for the old. If you dig a little deep you will realize that meditation is actually a mind cleansing tool. It helps you get rid of all your worldly worries and issues. The stress that keeps us all in shackles can be broken down via meditation. Yoga not only brings about concentration, it actually helps in de-concentration.

5 key benefits of Yoga -

  1. Reduction of stress

In the 21st century stress has become like our middle name, and every other day medication companies are coming up with anti-stress medications which when induced in one’s body helps in reduction of stress. This is the very wrong way to go about things but in our fast passed world we resort to medicines as an alternative to all aliments be it mental or physical.

  1. Helps in acceptance

Being comfortable about ‘who’ you are is one of the biggest challenges faced by individuals across age and gender today. Being one with our “being” is one of the challenges faced by the youth of today. Expectation for ourselves is too high and we tend to keep wanted. Need has turned to greed.  Meditation helps you be comfortable in your own skin and helps you in accepting and letting go of things that do not matter.  

  1. Slows down aging process

More than often aging results from stress, you start seeing early signs of aging at very young ages. This can simply be the result of extreme stress that one undergoes trying to balance personal life and professional life.  

  1. Enhances positivity and creativity

Creativity and positivity often go hand in hand but a lack of concentration can cause a lack in both. An optimistic approach towards life is primary but we seem to lose the same in our strive to be at par with the world. We always try to achieve more material possessions and in that process we tend to lose our minds. This eats up the creativity and positivity that thrives within you. Mediation makes creativity and positivity innate to your nature and you can feel the effect of the same in your day to day interactions. 

  1. Helps in concentration

In today’s fast moving world where we are surrounded by some or the other technology, concentration power of every individual is diminishing. We try and engage ourselves in multi0-tasking and end up losing focus. By the time we reach the middle of something we forget how and why we started it in the first place. This is when meditation comes to the rescue it helps you free your mind of all worldly issues and helps you focus in what is actually important.

Other than these advantages Yoga requires no special equipment or difficult methodology that cannot be learnt. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime and does not take up a lot of your time. You can get refreshed and re-energized with Yoga in 15 mins. It can keep you positive throughout the day.

If you are not meditating yet? It is never too late. . . Start meditating today.

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