How can doing yoga with a live instructor be different than doing yoga seeing a YouTube video?


Yoga is a specialize discipline of health developed over a long period of time. It is an exact science and beautiful art.

Everybody wants to do Yoga. It has health benefits. Hence many go on to Youtube to find Yoga videos. But how effective are these videos without a trainer? Well, according to Ancient Indian though process, Knowledge without a teacher is a pond with ripples.  Such knowledge especially if it is an exact science and art cannot be mastered by self-learning. A teacher is essential to understand, assimilate and practise such knowledge with adequate scientific and spiritual preparation.

Benefits of a LIVE / In-person Yoga Instructor

According to our Yoga Trainers, Yoga is not just for health benefits. It is a holistic approach that benefits, mind, soul and body and brings about a balance and harmony in life. 

  1. A yoga master can give personalized attention, modifications and adaptations to yogis based on their injuries and conditions both old and new.
  2. A yoga master can illustrate and drive importance of alignment, balance and harmony of body, mind and soul. He can also drive the importance of subtleties like injury prevention for overall well-being.
  3. Each yoga pose is different with different poses and benefits. Each of these poses has subtle variations which only a yoga master can explain in person.
  4. All yogis can ask questions, get answers and get feedback on the progress and improvement which helps to make yoga a complete and safe practice.
  5. Self-learning of yoga can lead to bad practices and poor habits which are detrimental to health in long run. A yoga master helps in avoiding this.
  6. Whether you go for a LIVE session with a yoga master or a class. Yoga training helps to connect with different types of people which promote universal brotherhood and decrease in hate.
  7. A yoga master constantly challenges you physically and mentally to become more and whole.
  8. A yoga master can stimulate your spiritual journey and deepens your physical practise.
  9. A yoga master helps you to set goals and also helps you to achieve them.
  10. A yoga master always blends various exercises and fun elements to keep you motivated and on track.
  11. A yoga master can ensure absolute safety and one-on-one assistance.


If you want to learn and master any science and/or art, a teacher, a master teaching you and guiding you by hand and instructions is essential.

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