Marjaryasana - Cat Pose Yoga


Introduction to Marjaryasana

Marjaryasana (pronunciation: Mar-jaa-ri-aa-s-uh-nah) is one of the basic 12 yoga poses. It is usually performed on empty stomach. In Sanskrit, a cat is called Marjary and this pose emulates the cat arching its back after waking up from sleep or sitting position. It is usually performed in combination with Bitilasana.

Scientific Way To Perform Marjaryasana

  1. The steps are similar to Bitilasana.
  2. Round the back in an arch shape.
  3. Keep your head low.
  4. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Precautions to take while performing Marjaryasana

  1. Always do this asana on empty stomach, in the morning.
  2. Do not stretch beyond your limit.
  3. If you experience pain, abort this asana.

Who can and can't perform Marjaryasana

  1. Everyone can perform this asana.
  2. People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, knee injuries, wrist problems, head injury should avoid or perform under expert supervision.

Variations in Marjaryasana

There are no variations. This asana is alternatively performed with Bitilasana.

Health Benefits of Marjaryasana

  1. Increases flexibility.
  2. Provides a gentle massage to the belly organs and spine.
  3. Helps to improve the balance.
  4. Regulates the breathing.
  5. Reduces the lower back problems.
  6. Purifies the blood.
  7. Regulates the blood circulation.
  8. Improves the functions of the adrenal glands and kidney.
  9. It is a good stress reliever.
  10. Helps to improve the spine alignment.
  11. Stimulates the abdominal muscles.
  12. Reduces the back pain.
  13. Stretches the torso, neck and back.
  14. It lengthens the legs and arms.
  15. It helps to Warm-up the body before practise any tough poses.


Marjaryasana will give you cat like flexibility.

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