Navasana - Boat Posture


Introduction to Navasana

Boat Posture Yoga or Navasana/Naukasana (pronunciation: NAU-KAA-SH-uh-Naa), is a part of a complete 40 minute Yoga Sadhana called "Padma Sadhana". It is the eight posture to undertake in the whole "Padma Sadhana".

Naukasana or Navasana is a yoga posture, so named after the shape it takes. Nauka = Boat (in Sanskrit) and Asana = Pose or Posture

Scientific Way of Doing Navasana

There is no specific time for Naukasana as such. But if anyone is doing it in the "Padma Sadhana" sequence, then the right time is 4 AM to 6 AM.

The right steps to do a Naukasana are:

  1. This yoga pose should be done on a carpet or a mat and not on bare floor.
  2. Lie on your back straight with feet together and arms besides your body. This is the relaxed sleeping position.
  3. Take a deep breath of air. Let it fill your lungs to its optimal capacity as per your strength. Life your chest and feet off the ground while slowly exhaling the air from your nose. While lifting your chest and feet, stretch your arms towards your feet.
  4. Your eyes, fingers and toes should be linear, in a straight plane.
  5. As you do this, you will feel tension in your naval area as the abdominal muscles contract.
  6. Your pose should make a 45 degree angle relative to the floor from your back and thighs.
  7. Keep this pose for 10 to 20 seconds and release. Make sure you come to relaxed position slowly.
  8. Gradually increase the intensity of keeping the pose to one minute.
  9. Release completely and sit upright and inhale.

Precautions to take while doing Navasana

Naukasana is a muscle intensive yoga. One should be slow and patient while doing it. Balance is important.

Who can and can't do Navasana

Everyone can do this Asana. But people with following conditions should either avoid or do under trained supervision.

  1. Hernia: People suffering from hernia should practice only after consulting a Yoga expert.
  2. Spinal injuries: Don’t practice this yoga with spinal problems.
  3. Blood pressure: Avoid if you are experiencing high blood pressure, severe headache and migraine.
  4. Asthma: Avoid it while having asthma.
  5. Heart patients: If somebody has heart problems, it is better to skip the Yoga pose.
  6. Pregnancy: Don’t practice it during pregnancy and MC period.
  7. Hip joint pain: Patients suffering from hip joint pain and arthritis shouldn’t practice it.
  8. Migraine: It should be avoided if one having severe headache and migraine.
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Heart problems
  11. Insomnia
  12. Neck injury

Variations in Navasana

There are mainly two types of variations for this yoga -

  1. Vipreet Naukasana
  2. Ardh Naukasana

Health Benefits of Navasana

  1. Lose belly fat: The boat pose asana facilitates suitable stretching, compressing and relaxation to the abdominal region thus good to burn belly fat if practiced on regular basis. It is one of the effective asanas for flat body.
  2. Slim waist:  Navasana is good to reduce fat around the waist.
  3. Good for Kidney: It strengthens the kidney and toned it.
  4. Navel displacement: It helps to place the navel at the appropriate position.
  5. Gastric juices: It is good for secretion of gastric juices and effective for digestion process and stimulates peristaltic movement of the intestine.
  6. Strengthens the abdominal muscles: Navasana strengthens the abdominal muscles as it gives an appropriate stretching to the stomach wall.
  7. Treat diabetes: The advanced variation of boat pose helps to secrete pancreatic juices thus regulates the function of pancreas and cure diabetes.
  8. Develop six pack abs: It is a quite powerful yoga pose and gives a considerable stretching to the abdominal muscles. Practice on regular basis for a longer period of time helps to develop six pack abs. What’s the use of going Gyms foe six pack abs when it is possible through natural means i.e. Yoga.
  9. Improves blood circulation: Navasana helps to improve blood circulation by burning the additional fats in the arteries and veins.
  10. Healthy kidney: If the advanced asana performed in the presence of a Yoga expert, it helps to cure kidney problems. S
  11. Strengthens back muscles: It is helpful to make weak back muscles stronger.
  12. Good for hormones: More or less, it strengthens all the systems of the body like muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems.
  13. Remove lethargy: It removes toxins from the body and makes the body active and energetic.


Naukasana is a great yoga posture. It is the most simple of yoga poses after meditation.

Let us know about what you think of this yoga posture.

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