Not flexible? Follow our step guide to get flexible with interactive online yoga


Many a time’s people equate yoga with flexibility and so it becomes the most standard reply for not partaking in Yoga. Now yoga and flexibility have become synonymous terms but that is not the case. One of the very basic benefits of yoga is that it helps build flexibility.

Suffering from hamstring or tense shoulders for sitting long hours at work? Even the basic yoga positions can relieve you from pain. Now many of us complain of not having access to a yoga studio or even the time to go for a yoga class. Live Yogis is a live online interactive yoga program that helps increase flexibility by 60%. It is an alternate training studio with the comfort of your home for all those who are too busy to go for classes.   Live yogis provide with not only experienced yoga teachers but also help you choose timings according to your convenience

Before you make a jump start to a healthy and flexible life with your first interactive online yoga session here is our Step Guide to ensure the best and most comfortable experience:
  1. Choose a device that helps you see your trainer in full clarity
  2. Wear proper comfortable clothing, that gives you enough room to stretch and move
  3. Avoid any other activity during Yoga sessions
  4. Use a yoga mat for enhanced results
  5. Practice in a room that has proper lighting for the trainers better visibility
  6. Yoga should only be done empty stomach at least 2-2.5 hours after a meal
  7. Drinking water is primary and helps in detoxification
  8. Keep breathing at all times during the postures
  9. After a posture is done take some time off to relax
  10. Practice regularly, avoid skipping lessons

Yoga has a lot to offer, there is a vast arena to explore once you get started. It not only makes you flexible but also helps to attain a mode of mental peace and satisfaction. Follow the small steps that we have mentioned above and take the first step towards healthy living. For all those who have been waiting for the right time to start, this is the right time.

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