Not motivated to practice yoga daily? Top 9 reasons to get you going every morning


More than often we tend to overlook the benefits of Yoga in our busy schedule and feel it is okay to skip it for a while and maybe peruse it at a later point in life. This is one of the most gruesome mistakes we make postponing what can be done today.

Live Yogis brings forth 9 simple reason to practice Yoga on a daily basis -

1.Proliferates Focus in individuals – One of the very primary advantages of Yoga is that it helps you to focus. It makes your mind quiet and helps you concentrate. Yoga classes help your channelize your mental resources, process information in the right direction.

2.Yoga energizes you - With just a few minutes of yoga practice in the morning after you wake up energizes you completely. Simple yogasana can balance the nervous system; provide a serene calmness to the mind.

3.Yoga helps you reconnect with yourself – In our busy schedule most of us lose touch with our inner being. In this rat race we forget to prioritize ourselves, Yoga gives us some quality ‘Me-Time’

4.Increases your happiness quotient – Starting a day with positivity is always necessary in order to stay fresh throughout the day. Just a few minutes of yoga in the morning helps you feel different, more open and happier.

5.Improves balance – Yoga helps you balance your mind and body, it reduces complications. It helps the mind and body be in sync with each other resulting in increased awareness, yoga improves posture and relaxes muscles.

6.Helps you hold your head high – Yoga boosts your confidence to a great level, it not only helps you focus on yourself but also makes you aware of your surroundings and helps you take informed choices.

7.Increase flexibility – Yoga helps you build muscle strength, it gives you more room to breathe.

8.Helps you accept your surroundings – it is very important to “live in the moment” and be aware about things around you. Yoga provides you with the mental faculties to do the same.

9.Reduces anxiety – Anxiety and stress have become a package that comes along with our busy schedule. It is impossible to live with constant anxiety and popping pills on a daily basis, it only provides temporary relief. A few minutes of yoga in the morning helps ease anxiety.

The best thing about Yoga is that it can be adapted to suit everyone, age or gender is not a barrier in yoga. Yoga helps you listen to your mind and body helping you make more informed decisions and conscious choices.


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