Parvatasana - Mountain Pose


Introduction to Parvatasana

Parvatasana (pronunciation: Par-vat-aa-s-uh-nah) is one of the 12 basic asanas in Yoga. It is also a part of “SuryaNamaskar” and “Ashthang Yoga”. Parvatasana as the name suggests is a mountain pose performed sitting or standing.

Scientific Way to perform Parvatasana

As mentioned earlier, this asana is a part of “Suryanamaskar” and is the fifth pose and eleventh pose.

The correct steps to do both sitting and standing pose are:

  1. Sit straight on yoga mat in the lotus position with both hands resting on knees palms down.
  2. Raise your hands to the front and clasp together with palms outwards.
  3. Lift your hands over your head straight with palms facing up.
  4. Stretch and hold the position for fe seconds. Repeat multiple times.
  5. Stand straight on your yoga mat with legs together and hands to the sides.
  6. Lift your hands up and bring them down. As you do bend from waist.
  7. Reach to the floor at an angle.
  8. Let your legs be straight and firm on the floor. Make sure you do not bend knees.
  9. Keep the shape of exactly 45 degrees relative to floor.
  10. Keep this position for few seconds and release.
  11. Repeat multiple times.

Precautions to take while performing Parvatasana

  1. If you feel pain or excruciating stretch abort performing.
  2. While sitting, do not lift your butt.
  3. Keep your back and neck straight.
  4. Do not hunch.

Who can and can’t perform Parvatasana

  1. Everyone can do the Parvatasana.
  2. Those suffering from knee pain, do not attempt.

Variations in Parvatasana

There are no major variations in this asana

Health Benefits of Parvatasana

  1. Done in the morning keeps you alert.
  2. Parvatasana stretches the spine.
  3. It helps practitioners below 18 years to gain some height.
  4. The stretch in this pose reduces extra fat in the back and waist.
  5. It tones the abdominal muscles and hence stimulates the inner organs in the abdominal region.
  6. It sets right respiratory disorders including asthma.
  7. As you stretch your arms straight, your triceps and biceps receive good work out.
  8. It helps to reduce back pain.
  9. It improves the ability to stay focused.


Parvatasana helps people who have sedentary lifestyle or desk jobs.

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