Re-vitalize your energy and nourish your spirit


Like your body needs nourishment the soul also looks to get nourished in various ways. Our physical body absorbs both negative and positive energies and acts according to the same. One can be “feeling low” or “on a high” depending on the dominance of one type of energy over the other. Our free spirit is usually accustomed to high levels of energy, is susceptible to human experiences.

In order to stay uplifted and experience a better way of living, it is of prime importance that we feed our spirit. It is impossible to keep up our free spirits up as we are often turned off by the problems that we face on a daily basis.

There are certain simple yet effective ways to lift your spirit.

  1. Breathe – it is very important to have calm breath, you should find the right rhythm of your breath to feed your spirit the Life Force energy that air brings
  2. Raise your level of awareness – Stop from your busy schedule, look around. Feel the air, the surroundings and take informed decisions
  3. Live in the moment – Experiencing every moment and living up to each moment makes life worth living. Try not to rush through things unaware of what you are doing, be mindful of thoughts and actions
  4. Practice Meditation regularly – the biggest problem of the 21st century is that we have forgotten to “be in the moment”. This helps us switch off the things that may be bothersome
  5. Live with compassion – Shower yourself and your surrounding with love and compassion. When you are charged with love for yourself you can then share it with others, you sprit get nourished with love and compassion
  6. Take proper rest – It is quite normal to admit that you are tired and take some time to rest, Rejuvenate yourself by taking proper amount of rest. Keep up a daily exercise or yoga routine.

Our spirits at the end of the day behave as a guiding system that shows us the path and guides us which towards attaining positive energies which keep us alive and running.  Try these practices daily in order to keep your energy levels high. Nourish your spirit with the following the above steps.

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