The Intrinsic Connection Between Breathing And Yoga


There is an intrinsic connection between breathing and yoga. In the practice of asana breathing has found to be primary.  Breathing becomes an unspoken language in yoga. Breathing can be used as a tool in different scenarios. It helps in mental focus, help in bodily function and keep the mind and body in sync. Breathing and yoga complement each other to a great extent, but needs patience and commitment.

Here is a look at what makes the breathing and yoga so fundamental:

1.      Yoga focuses on breathing patters which in turn helps you emphasis on the mind and thought processes

2.      Breathing patterns reflect our mental state and vice versa

3.      Breathing helps you be more alert about your surroundings and be more cautious and careful while taking any decision

4.      With breathing and yoga individuals get a boosted sense of confidence

5.      Breathing and Yoga helps you get a better control of your mind and mental faculties

6.      Improves your emotional health and helps you hold on to what is important and let go of what is not

7.      Improve the rate of oxygen exchange within the body which emphasizes on better health conditions

8.      Breathing and Yoga makes one energetic, enthusiastic and positive. This helps you channelize your thoughts

9.      Brings harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, making one physically, mentally and spiritually strong.

10.  It brings clarity to the mind and good health to the body

11.  Awareness of breathing in yoga helps manage emotional disturbances in the right way without being hung on to specific issues

12.  The role of a controlling “me” or focusing on “me” gets more clarity with breathing and yoga

If you want to know more about the effect of breathing and yoga you can talk to our yoga experts. They will shed light on the intrinsic connection between breathing and yoga in different yoga poses and its importance in day to day lives.

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