The Power of Silence (Mouna)


Life is a wonderful gift, so spend it wisely!! We humans love exploring various facets of life. The evolution taught us many things which make humans a highly evolved species!

Nature has given us brain to think and a mind to feel. To add more, nature has even gifted us the power of voice.

Nature again, is holistic for every being. Where it creates opportunities it creates a challenge too…. That’s how nature balances itself!

So, if voice is power, mouna (in Sanskrit) ‘silence’ is one such power too!

# The Power of Silence:

One who understands the power of mouna truly understands the power of speech. Undeniably one needs to calm down to understand silence. When we feel calm, we become happy and when we face any odd situation our mind gets occupied thus creating an imbalance that makes us lose our edge sometimes.

The true meaning of happiness lies in ‘self’. Self is a composure that leads to an enlightened path of life and the real sense of self-realization begins when we stop self-sympathizing. The moment we feel curious for the life inside us, our spiritual ether widens. The more we explore, more we become self-aware.

The Spiritual Power of silence:

Silence (mouna) is powerful to improve will power. With speech you distract your mind and put your energies in random direction. When you put energies in unspecified direction the results are less obtained to weaken our confidence.

Mouna puts the mind at ease and allows our energies to run in a specified direction. With energies put in a specified direction, you spiritually achieve more.  Thus, mouna helps in spiritual transformation too.

Until now, we have seen mouna and its impact on our life. Let’s be keen to know how to start with.

  • Yoga is the best answer. With yoga you not only make yourself physically fit but your mind automatically calms down. A calm and peaceful mind always synergizes positively with others.
  • Secondly, choose a specific time to do mouna. Meditation is great to achieve mouna. Meditation also improves blood circulation and helps in developing great focus and it also helps to develop the difference between truth and illusion.

To sum up, the power of silence cannot be underestimated or overrated. There is nothing impossible until we give a try.


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