The benefits of Yoga in curing Insomnia


Sleepless or insomnia has become a common aliment among not only elderly people but also young adults. A substantial number of people suffer from insomnia is this day and age. Lack of sleep can also increase risk of illness and decrease productivity. There can be plenty of reasons why sleeplessness is a common phenomenon in individuals.

Perhaps you have too much on your mind or maybe you are already anxious about everything you need to accomplish the next day. It is a known fact that the top three reasons for insomnia are stress, anxiety and depression. These can be reduced to a great extent with regular yoga practice.

Why Yoga is beneficial in sleeplessness -

  1. Yoga helps in lowering stress levels, reduced blood pressure and better circulation, which relaxes you and helps you sleep.
  2. Insomnia can be cured by initiation better mental relaxation which in turn results in better sleep
  3. Yoga helps in stretching with a focus on your breath and calming your mind
  4. Relaxation helps in combating sleeplessness in a natural way
  5. By shifting the focus on your body and its movements, there is a lesser possibility of letting your brain takeover, this helps in pushing aside the daily stress
  6. Yoga helps in slowing down your breath, which should leave you calm and serene.
  7. Sometimes the main reason of our stress and struggle is because we are fighting the battle of comparison. Yoga helps you release that stress.
  8. Yoga helps you dedicate your full concentration to one particular thing before moving on to the next task which helps in reducing stress.
  9. Yoga induces positivity and helps individuals relax
  10. Yoga removes negative blockages from your mind and toxins from your body.

What you are doing through the day might affect your mental faculties affecting sleeping patterns. It is highly recommend that you take out 10-15 minutes of time and dedicate it completely to yoga, to reconnect to a quieter, more peaceful reality in turn helps you sleep better. Relaxation is crucial to combatting insomnia, Yoga helps in curing insomnia. It pulls out the root causes of insomnia and helps in battling the same.

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