Top 10 Ways to Feel Stress free When Life Gets Hectic and monotonous


Stress is the main cause of all ailments; it is the primary cause for all our major health problems. Stress can cause heart disease, anxiety, sleep deprivation, auto-immune disorders, weight problems, unhappiness, and even deep depression. It becomes impossible to take time out from our busy schedule to feel stress free.

So how do we assuage stress and still get our work done right?

  1. Live in the moment, with just one task at a time – instead of switching between several things and trying to multi-task you should always let go of everything and concentrate on one task at a time. Give your full concentration to one particular thing before moving on to the next task. Review your commitments and goals for a stress free life.
  2. Take short Yoga breaks – Yoga has been a proven to help in realizing stress in a few minutes. It is very important for individuals to take breaks in between long hectic schedules. In these small breaks keeping calm is of utmost importance so that the stress barrier breaks. Yoga helps in the same, it helps you calm down and concentrate after a break.
  3. Letting go of what cannot be controlled – Often external factors sabotage our internal peace. These external factors are just a part of life, but we often take it too seriously and become stressed due to the fear of failure. Sometimes these fears arise from our imagination hence meditating becomes key.
  4. Remove distractions & Concentrate – try to keep personal communications and work separate this will remove a major chuck of distraction. Urge yourself to work with any form of distractions. Given any task the key motto should always be concentration and focus. Try to always remain focused on the goals you want to achieve and not mix it up several things.
  5. Get rid of needless comparisons – In this rat-race world we are constantly striving to become better than someone of a similar stature. Sometimes the main reason of our stress and struggle is because we are fighting the battle of comparison. It is very important for us to realize that we have to better than what we are today, than trying to be better than someone else. Try to be a better “you” rather than being a better “someone else”

In addition to all the above listed activities if you add a ten minute meditation and a few minutes of stress free yoga to your daily schedule you will realize that is it much easier to lead a stress free life.

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