Top 10 happy ways to relieve the STRESS


Are you a person who spends more money on health and fitness?

Then think twice about this- “Yoga assures good health, both physical and mental, within a nominal cost”.

Yes, Yoga is one of the proven ways that guarantees your health top to bottom! With the dot com boom, technology came as a boon to us, but with it long working hours crushed our spine too!

Agree or not, 8 out of 10 people today of all age group suffer from every other forms of stress daily.

Thus, following are top 10 happy ways to relieve stress:

1. Yogasanas:

Several Yogasanas help in relieving stress. For example,

  • Balasana helps in calming the body and rejuvenating the body
  • Uttanasana helps in improving blood circulation
  • Adho Mukha Savasana helps in overcoming fatigue and tiredness and etc.

Yogasanas relieve muscle contraction and helps in body toning. A toned body stays away from stress always. So, next time don’t forget to include these in your exercises.

2. Become an Early Bird:

Rising early is one of the recommended ways to overcome stress. In a survey of 100 people, 77 people rose up late in morning and skipped breakfast were found to lose on energy at end of the day while remaining ones had good health with high energy levels.

The only reason to be, they were early risers to have a healthy breakfast. Stress affects your energy levels too, so try waking up early and let your bones breathe the fresh air in the morning.

3. Smile:

There’s a saying –“It takes only 14 face muscles to smile while 72 face muscles to frown”.

So needless to say no matter what situations in life are, never forget to smile! Smile increases productivity at workplace. When we smile, we automatically put ourselves at ease which sends positive vibes to mind and body and a positive reinforced mind sends positive signals to universe. In one-go, ‘Earn a multi-million dollar smile’.

4. Help Someone:

How lately have you helped someone unconditionally?

If not, help someone today! See the difference.

It feels good when we help someone cross the road, feed a hungry child or just help an animal to cure its wound. Help can be in any form. It can be listening quietly to old people. Sometimes they need someone listen to them.

It’s a positive endeavor we indirectly do to ourselves. After all, human beings live in community. Hence, it is a moral duty to help each other and a simple way to connect to god. With all this, you overcome stress with effective results.

5. Acceptance:

Acceptance is the biggest belief. It puts things in a simplified way! We as humans keep finding logic in everything. Sometimes we have to respond rather than react!

When we start responding we are actually accepting the universe. Therefore, accepting the world as it is; is one of the best ways to eliminate negative energy within self.

6. Become Flexible:

If you have reached till here, then surely you must have read every line with great interest. So, all that was to make you realize that you can become flexible to make situations work for you!

7. Develop a healthy attitude:

Now if you are ready to take the charge of your life and made a resolution to kick stress out of your life you ought to develop a healthy attitude.

After all, having a right balance is essential to lead a healthy life. Cultivate good habits in you. Find ways to keep yourself happy.

8. Don’t worry:

Don’t worry! This is the only mantra to get the most out of you. Worry starts killing you inside. It’s good to concentrate on one thing at a time rather than focusing on multiple things.

Make sure you start and end your day on a positive note and not by having complaints and grudges against life.

9. Be consistent:

When you’ve started to lead a healthy life, gain it! Consistence is the only key.

Never neglect the good human residing in you. Practice a little towards a bigger goal every day and you’ll definitely achieve great. Be consistent!

10. Synergize:

Synergize is to have a creative cooperation within. Synergize your energies and set them in a direction. Stress won’t come along the way when you organize yourself positively. A synergized personality strongly makes its presence felt and spreads happiness all over.


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