Top 5 Awesome Benefits of Yogasanas


How fresh have you felt in the morning after waking up? Post that do you start your day by with yoga? The purpose to put up these questions is to make you aware that if yoga is not in your list-to-do in early morning, you are missing some awesome moments every day!

A yogi/ni is easily identified and it doesn’t matter what title you hold. What important is how you perceive yoga. Yoga can be different for everyone in different aspects. For many yoga means mediation and self-connection while for some yoga means life, achievement, art of giving, passion etc.

With this we can figure out that, yoga has physical, mental as well as emotional benefits too!

So, let’s see the top 5 awesome benefits of Yogasanas:

# Yoga is a Booster:

Unlike any other forms of fitness, yoga is a quick health booster. Calisthenics and zumba dance are mostly enjoyed by youth to remain fit while most population enjoys yoga as a quick stress-buster and mood booster. While in office, yoga can increase work productivity and boost your energy levels with power yoga.

#With Yoga you need not take Supplements:

Diet is the most important part associated with exercise and fitness. An improper diet doesn’t sustain the hardcore workout sessions whereas on the other hand, excessive intake of supplements after a gym workout does not ensure muscle building.  With yoga the body achieves harmony and rhythm from inside. Even with regular diet and consistent yoga you can become tough and persistent. Hence, with yoga there’s no need for extra supplements.

# Yoga helps against Aging :

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It also protects the inner and tender organs of the body from external atmosphere. No wonder if skin starts aging the internal organs will get affected too & also if there’s any internal organ failure it reflects on the skin too, vice-versa.

Yoga is a best remedy to protect the skin from aging coz flexible stretches and movements allow it to breathe. Thus, morning yoga is especially beneficial to skin.

# Yoga helps build Immunity:

An immune body stands against all odds and survives in almost every extreme condition. Immunity need not be described as a separate entity. Flexible movement makes a body swift and quick. The point to highlight here is, a flexible body is immune enriched that fights against all ailments.

# Yoga can be started at any age:

Yoga can be done at any point of day and has no side-effects. With proper guidance and experienced mentors you can attain higher spiritual levels and last but not the least yoga can be started at any point of age that proves to be fruitful anytime. 

Yoga comes with holistic benefits. Today’s life is fast paced and it will go on! But we need humans and not only machines to live on this beautiful planet. Let’s take an oath to ‘give something valuable’ for our next generation which we have received from our older generations.

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