Viparit Shalabhasana - Superman Pose


Introduction to Viparit Shalabhasana

Viparit Shalabhasana (pronunciation: Vee-pa-reet Sha-la-bha-a-s-uh-nah) or Superman pose as commonly referred gets its name from the final position where your whole body weight is balanced on your navel region with your chest, thighs, legs and hands are all suspended in air which give the illusion of flying.

It is a part of the “Ashthanga Yoga” practice. In Sanskrit, Viparit means Anti or inverted and as mentioned in our earlier blog is different from Shalabhasana.

Scientific Way to perform Viparit Shalabhasana

As this asana has many elements, this asana should be approached with a lot of patience.

The steps to a perfect asana are:

  1. Lie down on your stomach, face down.
  2. Keep your toes grounded to mat, with knees straight, hands besides your body and chin resting on the floor.
  3. Take your hands and stretch in the front.
  4. Lift your chest and thighs and legs off the ground.
  5. A more difficult pose is getting your whole body neck down suspended in air.
  6. Keep your pose for a few seconds and release.

Precautions to take while performing Viparit Shalabhasana

  1. This asana should be done under expert guidance and supervision.
  2. This asana has to be performed on an empty stomach.
  3. If you do this asana in morning make sure your practice and meals should have a 12 hour gap.
  4. You can also this in the evening with 7 hours gap, but you will not get the full benefit.
  5. Balance is important for this asana.
  6. Abort performing if you feel pain.
  7. Do not perform this asana in hurry.

Who can and can’t perform Viparit Shalabhasana

  1. Everyone who has a good physical balance and are fit can do this asana.
  2. Highly recommended for sports professionals and athletes.
  3. Pregnant women should not do this asana
  4. People undergone abdominal surgeries or have back problems should not perform this asana.

Variations in Viparit Shalabhasana

This asana itself is a variation of Shalabhasana. It has no variations of its own but has many preparatory poses.

Health Benefits of Viparit Shalabhasana             

  1. Stretches and strengthens abdominal, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, thighs and lower back muscles.
  2. Tones lower back and abdomen.
  3. Massages spine.
  4. Keeps back supple.
  5. Helps stretch chest region.
  6. Improves blood circulation.
  7. Reduces physical and mental stress and strain.
  8. Best for stomach and abs. Helps shape stomach and abs.
  9. Stretches and strengthens legs and hands.
  10. Improves body balance.
  11. Reduces pain in body.
  12. Shapes leg structure.
  13. Strengthens neck region.
  14. Helps to relax the mind and keep it cool and calm.
  15. Gives confidence to combat stress and tasks.
  16. Increases body stamina.
  17. Relieves pain related to hips and waist.
  18. Helps to grow in height.
  19. Improves digestion and relives constipation.
  20. Release air and strengthens butts.


This asana helps to undertake different and advanced lying down asanas and poses.

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