Why Yoga and Meditation is important for everyone?


A pure soul resides in pure body, and pure body is a mixture of healthy mind and an excellent physical fitness.

So, are you wondering the hard ways to keep yourself fit, aren’t you?

Well, this blog post tells more about the benefits of yoga and meditation for everyone and why everyone should do it!

Before that just recall, the moments when you faced extreme nervousness or lacked concentration; if it’s a yes, then surely you should continue reading next.

Yoga and meditation are the oldest forms of exercise. Meditation helps in healing faster while Yoga has the power to cure. Let’s see how.

Importance of Meditation in Daily Life:

According to a research, having the first cup of coffee after waking up won’t keep you fresh for a long day as having an apple does. This implies meditation requires no substitutes!

For E.g. Walking is good for health, but if you want to play football, then only walking isn’t the way to improve your footwork. You have to stretch yourself mentally and the answer is meditation!

Even science agrees on meditation as it improves the brain’s functionality. Meditation can have long-lasting impacts both physically and mentally.

  • Mentally, meditation can help in reducing anxiety, fight depression, detoxify thoughts, improving concentration and focus, and overcome mental tiredness.
  • Physically, meditation can help in lowering high blood pressure, any muscle or joint related pain, improving mood behaviours, and improve immunity.

Advantages are many but the ones highlighted are common.

Age-wise meditation helps in gaining control over age related challenges too. If a student meditates daily, he’s likely to give an outstanding performance when he takes a challenge. Also, if a corporate employee meditates for a couple of moments his productivity is likely enhanced.  As a matter of fact there is no harm if you meditate longer. Because more you do, the more you gain!

Meditation Helps in Overcoming Fear:

An anonymous author once said, “The mind and body should be treated a like temple and not garbage”.

Imagine that, you are a person with acrophobia (phobia of heights) and your work deals in construction of buildings. You have tremendous capabilities, but as soon as you reach heights your efficiency diminishes and people accuse you of laziness. In this case, your next move is to put efforts in overcoming fear.

Start with meditation. It shall help you in relieving some of your mental tension initially, but slowly with the practise you’ll soon see that the fear residing inside is no more!

What exactly meditation does? It simply allows the sub-conscious mind to focus on your strengths which eventually lowers the intensity of weaknesses. Thus, meditation helps in overcoming fear and boosts confidence.

Importance of Yoga in Daily Life:

Yoga comes with a complete package of positive energy and adds enthusiasm to life. A person doing yoga adds another 10 years to his life which sets an example for others. Yoga is nothing different. Like you do not have to visit fitness centres or spend expensively on something. You can do it at home, at garden, parks and beach and even at your work desk. This is how simple it is!

Doing yoga has other positive effects on mind and body:

  • Mentally, Yoga leads to enhancement of mind. The mind thinks no narrower nor does it produce any ill thoughts. The mind gets into a state with thoughts controlled as well as properly executed. Effective listening then becomes a dedicated behaviour.
  • Physically, Yoga enhances posture of the body. Muscles get toned in proportion to personality thus strengthening the aura.

A research tells that starting yoga within an early age gives more of physical strength and is a good remedy against ageing. Agile movements get developed which help in manoeuvring during extreme physical challenges.  Adding more, yoga improves stamina and builds endurance.

Yoga helps in living a happy life:

Do you own that million dollar smile? Well, you don’t need to have millions to own that cheering smile. Just relax and smile! A happy body absolutely keeps you active throughout the day. Doing yoga once or twice a day keeps you fit, healthy and away from all the diseases.

More importantly, yoga increases the positive belief in life and keeps the heart free from all tensions.  Even you’ll believe the power of love and happiness in giving and sharing.

Continuing yoga for years diminishes ignorance from within and opens new horizons for mind.

At the end, the only thought to share is to add more life to years instead of adding years to life.

Yoga and meditation is for everyone and must receive a welcome whole-heartedly. There comes a time in life the need for spiritual enhancement, only yoga and meditation gets you through this test to purify body and mind.

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