Yoga: A Noble Business of 21st Century


Yoga” means union in Sanskrit. When you see someone perform yoga he/she is trying to build a self-connection, trying to put mind and body in harmony. Bonus, if you have a mentor you can attain spiritual levels too.

Yoga has become a noble business since then!

Teaching Yoga to others is an art one has to master.

So, many yoga teachers have taken Yoga as their full-time profession. Let’s have a look how yoga becomes a flourishing business!!

  • International Yoga day: Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi designated June 21 2015 as international yoga day. Along with India, 177 other nations commemorated the day by doing Surya Namaskar, collectively. “Yoga is the greatest gift to the world by India”- the PM addressed in his speech at UN assembly.
  • AYUSH Sector: Strong initiatives by Government of India and NGO’s have made yoga $80 billion industry. With the establishment of AYUSH sector (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) the revenue generation crossed INR 100 billion.

Micro, small and medium enterprises accounts for 80% contribution to AYUSH. The department has a dedicated assistance that sends out early morning messages on yoga, investment opportunities, healthcare services and training with an objective to generate yoga awareness among the population. Not only this, AYUSH has expanded horizontally and vertically by having 9000units catering to AYUSH pharmaceuticals and medicines.

That was all about Government initiatives welcomed by the mass now let’s quickly see how to become a Yogiprenuer with all those initiatives around.

  • Being a yogipreneur is like wearing multiple hats. Teaching yoga has taken roots in India with many yoga studios been setup for a purpose to generate health awareness especially among the youth.
  • To get recognized as a yoga teacher, you’ll have to undergo training and certifications from a good institute and master in one or several asanas.
  • Becoming a yogipreneur is looked upon with respect in the west too. With proper certifications and standards a yogipreneur is eligible to start a yoga studio.
  • No other business is a noble than yoga which is considered as one of the novel ideas with minimum financial investment and maximum gain to lead a healthy life.

Wrapping Up

With this you not only get certified but your spiritual journey commences by teaching yoga. To serve humanity is one of the humble cause yoga fulfills!

Unlike other professions, becoming a yogipreneur is also gaining popularity both in the east and west.

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