Yoga and Meditation Can Reduce Stress in Pregnant Women, Study Says


We live in a world where all of us go through some stress at some point of time in life. While too much stress is unhealthy for anyone, individuals who need to take maximum care of their anxiety levels are pregnant women. One way to reduce stress and keep the body calm, relaxed and composed is yoga and meditation. And yes, it is a practice that can safely be performed by pregnant women too!

A recent study involving 47 trials and 3595 females proved that regular meditation sessions showed improved behavior in terms of anxiety, depression, pain, stress and mental-health related problems in pregnant ladies. Another detailed research paper in 2014 came out with an analysis that the effects of practicing yoga before birth are all positive. It showed that women who attended a yoga class consistently for a period of 8 weeks experienced decreased anxiety.

A paper from The Buddhist Institute of Enlightenment tested several measurements including cord blood cortisol and infant salivary cortisol. Practicing yoga and meditation indicated the improved health status of newborns, confirming that prenatal meditation can influence fetal health. Infants from the intervention group also showed better temperament when they were 5 months old.

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