Yoga and Meditation Take a New Turn with the Introduction of Color Therapy


If you are one of those who thinks yoga is boring, it’s not challenging enough or does not create that much of an impact, move on to yogART! YogART is essentially the practice of wearing sunglasses while performing asanas. The kind of effect the colored vision has on your mind while exercising leads you to a unique restorative experience.

Chantel Rodriguez and her husband Augusto Herrera asked some of their students to wear orange sunglasses while performing yoga at their studio in Artegon Marketplace and they received a very positive response for it. The idea is to shift your mental energy by looking at the world filtered through one of the seven colors. Different hues correspond to different energy centers. For example, red sparks stamina, stability and passion, while indigo promotes responsibility and belief.

The emotions these energies create help you see lesson instead of a problem in a situation, is how Rodriguez likes to put it. The experience is extremely powerful and proved to be totally overwhelming for some. “I felt at the end almost like, 'I have to take these glasses off'… I’m full and I’m tapped out,” said Andrea Smith, a first-time student who loved the new form of yoga.

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