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It was my first time trying/practicing yoga with Live Yogis. I enjoyed the beginners classes very much. The quality of the teachers and 1 on 1 attention is amazing. Love the freedom of taking the class from the comfort of my home and schedule I would highly recommend trying this out!

Hitesh Jain
Shrewsburry MA, USA

At firstI started yoga with Live Yogis in the beginning of 2016 because of my high sugar levels. I’ve hardly missed a class since then, the results are remarkable. My sugar level in under control, I am not on the higher side anymore. They have excellent teachers who instill a love of yoga in their students. Yoga has changed my life for the better, keep my sugar level under control.

Noemi Brady

I would highly recommend Preventive & Therapeutic Yoga from Live Yogis to all. Yoga is helpful in controlling hypertension; Stress is the major cause of my diabetic condition. With meditation I could restore my confidence levels and gain the strength to fight health conditions. I am happy and at peace with my health conditions with Live Yogis.

Carmen Acevedo

LiveYogis came into my life when I was written off by doctors that if I did not make lifestyle changes or started exercising. I did not want to join a gym and wanted something that will aid me in exercising within the comfort of my home. I had heard about Yoga and how it helps to turn around a lifestyle. LiveYogis gave me Yoga straight to my Living Room and changed my life.

Alison Wunderland
Acton, Massachusetts

Simple, straight to your living room Yoga streaming for no cost at all.

Daniel Taylor
Retired Business Owner, Allen Texas

Yoga helped me love myself and fight clinical depression. Thank You LiveYogis!

Teresa Lee
student 20, Lansing, Michigan

I am a new mother with a child with special needs. I was a practising Yoga enthusiast for almost 10 years. But haven’t been able to do Yoga since the past six months. LiveYogis has given me the liberty to practise Yoga from the comfort of my home while looking after my child.

Naomi George
Stay-At- Home Mother, Wilmington, Philadelphia

I am a busy marketing professional working more than 75 hours a week. I am also a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. But my work leaves me less time to go to a gym. I heard about Yoga and LiveYogis that they give Yoga lessons “LIVE” in the comfort of my living room. Tried it! One of the best services out there. I can now do Yoga anywhere. I recommend this to everybody like me.

John Freeman
"Know-It-All" Marketing Guy, Long Island, New York

Never have I felt so good! I had signed up for Bikram Yoga. But it was no good. I wanted good results. That is when I found LiveYogis. After the first free session, I knew I found the best Yoga people. Now I have enrolled for their 12 months unlimited sessions package for $299.99. I am more than happy!!!

Janet Lewis
Homemaker, Santa Rosa, California

No fuss, No flash, No noise! LiveYogis has helped me discover myself through Yoga straight in the comfort of my home or anywhere. I just registered for their 12 month package.

Katherine "Kate" White
Arlington, Texas

Unlimited Yoga anytime, anywhere! How can you not love LiveYogis?

Church Choir Singer, Springfield, Missouri

Best Yoga trainers. Flexible timings, LiveYogis you are amazing!

Martin Jackson
Peoria, Illinois

I am a corporate trainer associated with a large organization. As part of employee health drive, we approached LiveYogis for a three month package. They gave us unlimited sessions for $79! And the best part was that everyone liked it. We are planning to make LiveYogis our permanent health associate.

Jenna Marie Jameson

My best friend had told me about LiveYogis. Being a Yoga student, doing Power Yoga was a routine. On my 26the birthday he gifted me a free session with them. Really the most amazing gift ever received.

Leslie Watson

At first I thought Yoga is only for physical health. I had heard about LiveYogis from my nephew. So I registered for their free session. Since then there is no looking back. It has not only improved my physical health but overall well-being as well.

Charles Wright
Business Owner, Georgia

I met my school buddy after 20 years. He is into Yoga and all that stuff. At his insistence, I registered myself for LiveYogis. And now there is no looking back. Thank you LiveYogis for bringing a positive change in my overall well-being.

James Richardson

We both are into Yoga. We wanted Yoga sessions in the comfort of our home. Our Indian friends suggested LiveYogis to us. We love you LiveYogis.

Janice and Marcus
Artists, Bay Area

Yoga is not just about physical health. It is about complete well-being. I love LiveYogis.

Nisha Narain
IT Professional, Silicon Valley

LiveYogis changed my life. It can change yours as well.

George McCassey
former Yoga hater, Alabama

More effective than Gym. More active than ever. LiveYogis brought balance in my life.

Marcellus Proud
Patriots Rookie, Pennsylvania

Only $1 per session of Yoga! Better than flashy Yoga teaching schools. Nothing comes close to LiveYogis.

Aria Hartlova
Stay-at- Home Mom

The best Yoga trainers I have ever learnt from.

Sam Lee
Student, Dallas, Texas

Learned trainers means best knowledge. That is LiveYogis trainer for you!

Penelope Vega
Homemaker, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

A learned Yoga trainer nourishes your soul too.

Tony Stevenson

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